Interestingly though, despite the fact that our favourite names haven’t changed a great deal, a slightly increasing proportion of parents are opting for less popular names.

Looking at the boys, where there is less variation in names anyway – 28,222 different names registered in 2017, compared to 35,475 different names for girls – around 13% of parents named their son one of the 10 ten boys names according to the latest data. But around 50% have gone for names outside the top 100! This figure was 48% in 2015, a small but significant shift to people opting for more unusual names. A similar shift is seen with the girls, with 59% of parents of girls opting for a name outside the top 100 (compared to 57% in 2015).

So, what’s on the cards this year? Watch this space to find out the latest from the official stats.