3. The iPad is your friend…but there are plenty of other ways to entertain

It’s definitely worth downloading some entertainment for the plane to keep your children distracted and quiet. BUT don’t assume that you will need it instantly. In fact, I’d suggest that you should do your best to wait at least until after take-off before getting the screens out, not least to minimise the risk of tantrums when you put it away. In my experience the chance of a screaming toddler sky-rockets after about 20 minutes TV!

For young children in particular there is plenty on a plane that can keep them interested – it’s exciting! Make sure they can see out of the window. Bring lots of snacks along (having something to eat and drink is also handy to help with ear pressure when the plane starts its descent) and it’s a good idea to have some activity books e.g. stickers / water pens / foil and a couple of toys (ideally something new or that they’ve not seen for a while) that they can do some imaginative play with. Walking up and down a plane to the toilet can take up a good chunk of the flight and gives you/them a chance to chat to other young ones!

Finally, don’t worry if your little one(s) do kick off a bit. You’ve got as much right to be on the plane as the other passengers and they were all young once! Ear plugs are also widely available so there’s nothing to complain about really!!