2. Wear it!!

Kangas… the original baby sling?!

If you have a baby – or actually any infants less than about 20 months – take a sling and wear them! In my view, slings are a life changer anyway as they give you freedom. But for going to airports with babies they are totally essential! They allow you the use of two hands again (whoop! Suddenly all that luggage is a bit easier to manage) – and are especially useful if you have more than one child with you. Plus they tend to keep babies calm as they are close to you. It also means that dealing with steps getting on the plane is easy.

If you’ve got slightly older kids, then they can wear the luggage themselves in a little backpack. They will probably enjoy having their own bag and you can always sneak in a surprise or two for the journey. There also trunkis and similar so that the young ones can have a seat if they’re tired. Just make sure you’ve got enough hands free that you could carry the ride-along suitcases if you need to!