Flying with kids can be somewhat challenging…but these handy tips should make your life easier!

Hands up anyone who’s successfully got all their stuff in the car first time..
  1. Use valet parking

I don’t think I’d even heard of valet parking – and I would certainly never have imagined that it was sort of thing that was vaguely accessible to normal people until after our first trip abroad. We did what we have always done, which was book our car parking space at Heathrow pretty last minute and opt for the cheapest deal (still pricey). Thus, at 5am one cold and rainy day in March, my husband I got to said carpark and realised that there were no trolleys in sight and we had NO IDEA exactly how to transport 2 massive cases, 2 bags of hand luggage, 1 changing bag, 1 carseat, 1 buggy, 1 screaming baby and ourselves successfully onto the bus that was leaving to take us to the terminal in precisely 3 minutes. In our bid to rush on to the bus, my arm felt like it was about to fall off because I’d only actually been exercising a precise set of muscles in the “bob-baby-gently-to-the-side-and-back-again” group and nothing else, one of the bags popped open and our stuff went everywhere. Baby continued screaming, we did not catch the bus, we all got rained on and it was, overall, pretty darn stressful.

Now, it is actually possible to transport lots of bags and a baby at once and keep all limbs working and intact, especially if you have a sling (see below) but my strong advice is DON’T PUT YOURSELF THROUGH IT! Valet parking is actually not that pricey if you’re organised with it – especially compared to last minute parking deals – and it makes life so much easier. In fact, it makes the arrival pleasant! You glide in, a friendly parking attendant checks your car in and there are trollies galore and only a short walk to the check in desks. Plus you feel like you’re special because I’m sure celebs do it too. It is like your holiday is starting already!!