Ask them what they would like

Getting your tiny tots input is probably one of the most important steps missed by most parents.  Don’t assume they won’t have a plan in their heads – a theme – or an activity they would like.  If your toddler goes to nursery they will have heard about parties and they will have been to other toddlers’ parties themselves.  So, talk to them about it and listen to their ideas – they might be wildly unrealistic – but you still have somewhere to begin.

Keep the party short

News flash: toddlers get tired quickly.  If you are planning a party for a one to two-year-old, then you are looking at an hour.  Two to four – maybe 90 minutes to two hours.  At about five – you can start thinking about 2 hours – but 2 hours must be a maximum. There is absolutely no hell greater than a room of cranky toddlers.  Keep it short to keep it fun.

Organise activities

Toddlers have short attention spans.  We appreciate we are stating the obvious a little here.  However, this means you cannot load your room with little people and hope they will just play.  You will need to organise age appropriate games – such as a scavenger hunt, pass the parcel, making party hats, the freeze dance game… and when parents look frazzled… sleeping lions is amazing! Such activities are best with a select number of kids – too many invites and these activities get unmanageable.