Egg-cellent egg painting

Oh yes… it is the holiday of the puns and the puns will come thick and fast… it is just too much to resist! Our first puntastic activity is egg painting. Egg shells were made for decorating – and there is nothing better than coming up with beautiful designs – or splodgy chick faces. Remember to use a pin and suck out the contents of the egg – or you can hard boil the egg if you will find this easier! You can use food dye if you want an easy way to dip and colour. Remember to add vinegar to the watery food dye. Or, if you are feeling particularly artistic you can get great effects with water colours.

Egg-citing egg hunts

Then there is an egg hunt. Sometimes the classics are the best. You have a choice. You can buy chocolate eggs to hide around the house and garden – or you can use your hard boiled and painted eggs. Scatter them around the place and set up the competition amongst the family – boost up the kids with reasons to get the most eggs possible – more chocolate, or maybe even more chocolate – and set them off around the place. Obviously, if the weather turns showery then you can go for an indoors hunt!

Egg-uberent egg rolling

The last pun… promise! Egg rolling is hilarious – and a great way to use your newly painted and new hunted boiled eggs! Set up your course, get yourself some wooden spoons, mark the finish line, line up the contestants, shout go… and watch the chaos as your children attempt to push the egg along the path to the finish. Remember to offer a prize… maybe chocolate… just as a suggestion!

Egg-Carton Flower Pots

Not a pun but a description! With all the eggs you have boiled you will have cardboard cartons coming out of your ears… The egg cartons make wonderful flower petals and the inner trumpet of daffodils. Use crafty extras like wool and cotton balls, glitter and pipe cleaners – and turn those egg-cartons into flowers that will never wilt!

Bunny Puppet Plays

If you have had enough of the eggs already then you might want to try bunny puppets. Grab some white polystyrene cups, some cardboard and some felt tip pens. Work a little bit of creative magic and those cups will become super cute bunnies. Once created encourage the kids to come up with a happier ending to Watership Down…

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Cracking Chick-Craft

A last pun… we couldn’t resist… Chick craft is the cutest of all crafts! Get yourself some cotton wool, some yellow paint – cover up most of the house in plastic sheets – and some cardboard. Dip and colour the cotton wool… make beaks and eyes with the cardboard. If you are feeling generous – buy yourself some wobbly eyes! They will look amazing! Check out for more on Chick-Craft